My Evil Adventures

Seriously…this bitch.

As I move forward slowly, listening to the echo of my footsteps, I have to tear myself away from where I really am. If I dwell on it too long, it becomes clear that I may die. I am not safe, there is always something behind every wall, always something above me, below me. behind me…

I crouch, low to the ground and turn so that I can see clearly the path in front of me. I am in an abandoned building, like an office of some sort. A hospital? Maybe, but all I know is that I have to move forward. Those undead, deformed people I met by the docks, perhaps more of them were waiting for me ahead.

The halls leave me with a feeling of claustrophobia, though I have never been that way. I hug the walls, and stop suddenly.

Ahead of me, down the end of the hall is a room with limbs, blood, a body…

The horrific scene is left open, just waiting for me to approach. I brace myself, and inch forward slowly. I cannot believe how quiet it is. The building is silent, I am silent, except for my breathing and footsteps that echo and echo and echo…

My heart is beating faster now, and I feel as if I am about to give a performance, a speech, a presentation, or put on a show for millions. My nerves have me all worked up, and I realized the dark situation, is in fact a trap.

I take a destined step forward and out of the body, a scream that makes my ears ring erupts. Gruesome splatters of blood pour from the body, as elongated arms and limbs claw out of the corpse, revealing a long haired deformaty crouching and panting, moving towards me…

“NOPE.” I paused the game. The image of what most distinctly reminds me of the grudge is left on my screen, and Sebastian’s emotionless face turned the other way since I had started to run.

Yes, I had started to run, whats it to you? What?  You would have fought the bitch? Not if you had heard her scream like I did, and in my Turtle Beaches none the less. No, I was out of there man. Or at least I needed a minute to catch my breath.

I can tell you all, that was the most I had ever jumped at a game. Not even Dead Space brought me to scream right back at the game, which I did. I had 99 problems, and a long haired, deformed bitch was one.

So beautiful, yet terrifying. This game is completely immersive with the most awesome setting I have ever seen.

As an avid horror fan, I went to my local Gamestop at midnight, my enthusiastic boyfriend right by my side, to get this game for my birthday. I had been anticipating it, but it was not what I expected. It has been scarier, more detailed, and bigger than anything I imagined it to be.

Of course, like any game, it has its faults, but i’m not really in the mood to talk about faults tonight.

The setting is one of my favorite parts of the game. Every chapter takes you somewhere new, from forests to abandoned buildings, to churches, to dungeons all the way to my favorite so far, a Victorian style mansion. The Evil Within transports you into the nightmare the game developers have created. With jump scares specifically planned just for the player, and disgusting creatures that will creep into your mind at night, The Evil Within was what I had been waiting for since Dead Space was my “go to” horror series.

I will post more on my precious Evil Within once I have finished it. Currently on chapter 11, I plan to be done and reflect on the story and any other thoughts as soon as work and college will let me.

So far though, grade A horror survival.

Except for SpiderLady. Dat bitch doe.



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