My Evil Adventures Part 2: Insanely Insane

And all of a sudden, I realized I was insane. 


Beacon Mental Institute, the perfect setting for a perfect ending.

I finally finished the pleasurable nightmare! It was horrifying, it was terrible, it was wonderful ❤ I cannot say that I walked away from the game with complete understanding of what the hell just happened, but I was indeed satisfied.

The story has a way of telling itself to you through jumbled up action and cut scenes, some of these make chronological sense, but most the time Sebastian, our protagonist of sorts, is thrown around into unparalleled universes.

It’s a wonderful change of pace from a game that makes sense and has the story fed to you. But maybe I just like a taste of the insane.

I was also surprised to find the ending “battle” was a series of events, and the final “monster” that you face was not that difficult. Was I upset by this? No! I couldnt be, not with all the cool fight sequences and cinematic splendor that went into the final battle against Ruviks creation, made from his murderous insanity. I did take one look at the final monster, gave a huge “SUPER NOPE,” but decided to face the thing and find out some sort of explanation behind the story.

 I have come to love the insane. 

The Evil Within plays a lot on human imagination, nightmares, and fear, almost making you feel like an insane person yourself. We learn that throughout the story, you are trapped in a horrid world our enemy, Ruvik, has created. In this way, you are like a toy, and he is changing the world around you, along with the minds of the victims Ruvik is using.

There are so many parts of the game in which I feel helpless, and that is just part of the fun! It’s not such a simple game, not one just for playing, but one to struggle through, take your time at, and enjoy.

Take in those settings, they are so on the spot and detailed, the game is constantly beckoning for you to return and relish in those.

In the end, what I am saying is, play it.


evil brain


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