Space V.S. The Mind: The Horror Stories

Space, an unknown universe with twinkling stars and planets, with hidden monsters, terrors and secrets left for explorers to discover, and perish from. The player is left to float helplessly along, in space.

The mind of a psycho, with nightmares and mixed memories from murder victims blended together to make a gruesome shake for the player to consume. Suck on that, suck it good. Enjoy it.

When playing through games like Dead Space and The Evil Within, it is easy for players to focus on the gameplay and the scares that the game has ready for them, but sometimes the stories behind the games are disregarded. The horror and gameplay can drown out what is really going on with the characters and the plot.

Personally, my dream is to write fiction for video games someday, so I am one to focus on the story, the characters, the plot, the twists, the climaxes and the resolutions behind a video game. A video game is a story, each one has one, and I just love to dissect them.

As I compared characters earlier, I wanted to compare stories. Dead Space and The Evil Within both have very interesting plots accompanied by a cast of characters that will keep you motivated to play. In this case, it is harder for me to pick a “winner” because I was fascinated with both stories and how they panned out.

The Dead Space series may have more going for it currently, because it is just that, a series. Dead Space has three games, with a story that takes you on a thrill ride through space. We follow the protagonist, Isaac, as he battles his memories of his long lost love, who was lost to this horrible alien deity worshipped by those that became possessed.

Now that was a mouthful.

As you play along, you discover not only horrible monsters that make for wonderful battle sequences, but you realize how those monsters came to be, and who they really are. There are three games total, so there is much to discover behind the story itself (Especially in Dead Space three. Shit goes down).

Now The Evil Within has a wonderful story too, but it was harder to follow. It was interesting to see how the writers of the story hid certain things away, and how they slowly unraveled into a plot of madness, but I think it did a little too much hiding. It was difficult for me to follow, and I was constantly asking myself, “what the hell is going on right now?”

Not to say this means I did not enjoy it, of course I did. Especially the last few chapters, when things were wrapped up, for the most part. There were still questions to be asked, maybe not for all, but for me.

I don’t want to give away too much for those who haven’t finished the game yet, but I recommend players take time to understand the story and what happened within the plot. It is interesting, but still, puzzling.

I am hoping The Evil Within is continued with at least two more games, just like Dead Space, so the story is cleared up a bit more. As it is now, even with the confusion, it works.

I just want more, I’m greedy like that.

I think we are tied!

The Evil Within – 1, and Dead Space – 1.

I love them both, this is harder than I thought.



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