Time (Flash Fiction)

Tonight I am sharing a Flash Fiction horror that is close to my heart. It is based on a true event. I wrote it for and about the love of my life, Aeryk. It encompasses my feelings when we have to say goodbye to each other, because we live on opposite sides of the country. Good news is, I get to see him again for the holidays this friday! ❤ 

Thank you, as always, for reading. 

It is raining. You are sharing an umbrella with me. We are soaked, but smiles still plastered to our faces. Your brother holds up his new camera, and snaps a picture of us, says its romantic. That’s when I turn to face you, and you show your dimples and ask, “what?”

I kiss you, in front of everyone on that road. Our eyes are closed and I feel the cold droplets run down our faces, onto our lips that are pushed together in unison.

We are ignoring the world.

This was a wonderful moment, when demons were too scared to come near us because all the light in heaven was pouring over our two bodies, pressed together. Inseparable, we conquered all the struggles that tried to tear us apart. We refused to leave each other’s warmth. Nothing could ruin us.

Nothing, except Time.

And Time came for us, from the depths of the black it crawled towards us. Slowly, and in strides it neared us, and we felt its presence. We looked over our shoulders constantly, its lingering aura growing in weight and size. Time, this horrid abomination arrived, with its yellowed claws it ripped into our peaceful nights when we would lie awake, noses pressed together as we inhaled each other’s exhale. Time reached up from under the bed we lay in and grasped our beating hearts in its palm. It squeezed, and our vessels burst into a collage of deep reds, blacks, and blues. Liquids drenched our eyes as Time hammered nails into our skulls and reached into our minds, sucking out our memories of endless drives through the mountains, and walks under the trees. Time replaced those memories with the reminder that none of this, none of these happy, peaceful, ecstatic, passionate, harmonious, warm, carefree and worry free days would last. Time was going to kill these days. Time was going to rip these days limb by limb and slowly, consume them and consume us and every second that brought joy to our moments. We were no longer the people we had been, because Time had come from the black and turned the light off in the sun, filling our hours with nothing but a dull screen of smoke, our vision blurred so that we had to fight through it in order to see each other’s silhouettes. I could barely make out your face the day Time brought us to the dragons. The dragons that fly over our world. Time had turned them into scorching lizards with no remorse in their hearts, only destination. Time grabbed my arm, tugging it nearly out of its socket and dragged me as I thrashed and screamed with a resisting nature that exhausted me to a point in which my body gave out. You followed behind me, trying with all your strength to save me, but not even you could stop Time. It gripped my neck, choking the life out of me as I gagged and coughed with the sickness that Time injected inside me. It felt like the end, with every muscle of mine inflamed and my bones shattered, to us it was the end.

But suddenly, Time was generous, and as the world went on around us, Time stopped for just you and I. With heavy eyes I looked at you, as my body was sprawled across the cold floor. You stood by me, with an uneasiness I had never seen in you before. You reached out for me, and at one last moment we collided again, and your warmth melted the ice on my skin, and your smell cancelled out the rot of my organs, and the honeysuckle on your lips moistened my crusted mouth. You saved me, and that’s when Time brushed against my shoulder. A reminder that Time was still there, still ticking.

With that, a glimmer of hope flashed us a grin, and Time unfroze, and reality struck, and I left your arms, and the cold air filled my being, and I turned and you were gone, and Time would not stop dragging me, and I wanted to go back, and I looked again and you were still absent, and I stretched out my arms but you did not take my hand, and I looked to my side and you were not there smiling, and the dragon was there waiting to take me away.


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