My Blog is Being Resurrected!

Dear Internet,

I took a long leisurely break from my blog during my move down to North Carolina. Lots of drama, not much time for gaming unfortunately.

But, I’m happy to announce that I am back and ready to post more of my creative writing and to share some news!

I’m now writing for Cliqist, a wonderful site that has really opened my eyes to the world of crowdfunded gaming! I had been sucked in to the world of bandwagon gaming with all the popular Xbox titles, and I still love those games, but I am also loving all of the new pretty and shiny things I am discovering.

Kickstarter is a GREAT site to see all these new up and coming creations. There is so much I would love to fund if I had the money, and so much I would love to try! I’m getting really excited for these new gaming experiences that will hopefully come my way, and I am looking forward to sharing them with everyone.

For now, please, come back and follow me. I promise to never leave you again. I swear. You cant see me, but I am crossing my heart and hoping to die. ❤

Yours virtually,